Built in 1893, the industrial and commercial 2-storey building is located in the area known as "the Old Faubourg des Récollets", the district joining Old Montreal to the heart of lower town. This neighbourhood is delimited in the north by Saint-Antoine Street, in the east by McGill street, in the south by the de la Commune Street and in the west by the Bonaventure highway. Within this quadrilateral, the building is located south of Saint-Maurice Street, west of Longueuil Street, north of William Street and east of Saint-Henri Street.

In the past, these boundaries included two regions: the northern most "the Old Faubourg des Récollets", was one of the first suburbs of Montreal. It was located just west of the fortifications, creating a triangular area contained within McGill, Saint-Antoine and William streets. The "petit séminaire des Sulpiciens" with its vast gardens was built here at the beginning of the 19th century. Its ruins can still be seen today.

The building, with a surface area of eighteen thousand and forty-four (18,044) square feet, is equipped with an alarm system linked to a security station, fire extinguishers, manual stations and a sprinkler system. It also has two cement vaults armed with steel doors and a conveyor system to transport goods. On the side of the building are a loading dock and a large garage door for the reception of merchandise. Forty parking spaces are reserved for the tenants of the building.

The building is easily accessible from the Champlain and Victoria bridges as well as by the Ville-Marie and Bonaventure highways. Because the building is located in the "zone du commerce", the tenants are subject to governmental subsidies.

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